Thursday, July 4, 2013

An addendum to the sobriety update...

So I was drinking lemonade.  Decided to switch to sprite zero as I was worried about the amount of calories/sugar I was consuming with the normal lemonade.  Now sprite zero has no sugar - bonus...  the reason why I was drinking so much lemonade is because my body was craving the sugar that it was getting through alcohol.  So I feel like a bit of a daft idiot - ah well live and learn ;)

Although sprite zero with peach iced tea cordial is actually quite, soda water with peach iced tea cordial is actually quiet foul.  The problem also with soda water is that I used to drink vodka and soda at times so I keep expecting the vodka hit/flavour.  So I think I'll skip the soda water for now.

I've also been sober for 14 days.  This is seriously the longest I have not had a drink since I was 29 or 30 (I went on a massive fitness binge - no smoking, no drinking, no meat - I still have no idea of what happened to me...).  I also realise I will never be that skinny again and you know what I can live with that ;)