Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i had a nice moment today...

it's weird but funny.
The background:
One of the dogs is blind (poor thing!). Miniature poodles have a genetic predisposition to going blind apparently and Penny unfortunately has gone blind. So anyway we see an eye specialist for Penny about every 6 months.

One of the doctors rang me today. She knows that we have the girls and that we had the girls through a surrogate. Her sister-in-law has friends who are quite keen to become Dads (through surrogacy) and they wanted to speak someone who has gone through the process so Chloe (the eye specialist) rang me to ask if that was ok - as in would I be happy to speak to them. Mostly and did this give me a bit of a giggle (but I can relate) they want to know what it's like raising girls as they are a little bit clueless, which to be honest we were too :)

But this made me feel a little warm & fuzzy!