Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Super Ikonta

Is just super!

I still have no idea of how to use it - I'm using the red dot method (it's like "auto" until I manage to work out just in the hell I'm supposed to use the f-stops and the focus ring...). It's weird really - I've read the manual 3 times and it still makes no sense...

I have to admit for a 55 year old camera - I am really quite impressed by the quality of the images it produces.

As my lab doesn't do the auto-level thing - I generally do auto-levels in PS. I have some getting learning to do with it as well - I need to learn how to compose etc - there's a couple of shots which there are bits on the edge that realistically shouldn't be there. But that's the learning process really ;)

It's funny - I also now carry film with me... I have a roll of B&W and 160VC in my bag...