Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting a coffee hit

It's quite rare for me to consider and plan an image. And I guess this does tie into my attempts to be more of an aristic photographer rather than just seeing something and snapping it.

So anyway a flickr friend yesterday posted a shot of his starbucks coffee and referred to it "liquid crack." I'll save the starbucks rant for a different time (but seriously America - STARBUCKS IS SH1T!!!!) so based on the addictive nature of caffeine and corporate america, I came up with the rough idea for this image. The only regret I really have about it is the lighting. The lighting should be better but the image still works.

I was actually a bit nervous about uploading it as it's a tough image to deal with in some respects.

The reactions have been quite interesting. The main problem is that as my flickr is linked to my facebook - a few people at work have seen me snorting espresso.

One of my managers actually finds it disturbing. The other manager said that I need to keep in mind that I am supposed to becoming a responsible parent (that one was a bit what the?).

Now I'm not usually in the habit of having to explain myself at work in terms of my 'art' - but I don't think the people at work see me as an artist. They see me as a photographer. The difference being that I take good photos rather than create good images. This falls into the create image camp.

I stand by my image and I stand by my artistic expression :)
I like this - it's not perfect - but it works as an image
it's funny and it's a statement on a few levels

Have a good weekend