Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unintentional Mis-Adventures in Cross-Processing

There's a story here... like most things in my life *laughs*

My friend Wade sent me some Fuji Provia 100 which was very sweet of him. So anyways... I shot two rolls (I have 3 left) and dropped them off at my usual lab on Elizabeth Street. I've got a cold so I'm not thinking clearly... bit of an off-tangent comment but it will make sense. So the guy tells me they can't process they Provia as it's slide film. I didn't realise it was slide film. I just thought it was 120 film and that it was like the kodak film I normally use - obviously it's not. I'm really a bit niave at the best of times. So anyways, the guy at the lab says they can cross-process the film as C-41. Now at this point there should have been a little voice in my head going - MICHAEL STOP!!!!!!!! CROSS-PROCESSING GIVES WACKY RESULTS!!!! so I said ok... not realising what I just said ok to... so walking back the office... it dawned on me that I just agreed to process slide film as normal film... I got nervous :(

But here's one of the outcomes
Notch it up as another happy accident in a series of continuing happy accidents :)