Monday, July 27, 2009

panoramas go bananas

View from Hanging Rock, originally uploaded by nettsu.

I love panoramas
I do
I'm not really sure how much talent they require as a photographer to be honest. But there is just something magical about watching a whole series of images come together into one big image.

I have a problem now. I love autostitch. It's the simplest and most effective panorama software I've used. But now I have the macbook pro and guess what there's no autostitch available :( This makes me a little sad. I actually have a couple of panoramas from the weekend that need processing.

So anyways... I did some asking around on twitter for the best pano software for macs. I got 3 options - 2 free and 1 paid. So being the cheap bastard I am I tried the two free ones. Hugins & doubletake. I've deleted both of them of the mac. I don't understand them. So in terms of ease of use they failed for me - badly. I need something easy to use! I'm a mac n00b... I may end up investigating AutoPanoPro further which was the third suggestion.

Or just bringing the images into work and using my work machine to process the panos... that's the other option as it has autostitch.