Thursday, April 2, 2009

iPhones & Me

Ok let's get to the point
I love my iPhone - I probably shouldn't love a piece of materialistic technology but I love it...

so anyways!
I'm on iPhone #3. This is quite funny. I've had an iPhone since July last year - so not even a year and I'm on my third one... erm... yeah I don't know either.

So iPhone #1 met its untimely death when we returned from India. It worked absolutely fine in India - get back to Australia and nope... can't make or receive calls. Take into my telco provider - they suggest a restore - so I restore - nope, still no ability to make or receive calls - the internet & text works fine. So back to telco - woohoo, NEW PHONE! Seems there was a hardware issue. So I get shiney new iPhone... whee!!!!

Fast forward a month or so...
I was showing Larry something on my iPhone as a demo as to what he could do. Went to put it back on the duchess and I wasn't watching...
Phone drops onto polished floor - EEK!!!!!!
I was crushed :(
Screen no longer work...
So back to Telco - with damaged iPhone and a long face to enquire about replacement phones. I was expecting this was going to cost $$$. I gets me a shiney new iPhone for free - NADA - zip - ZILCH. How? I still don't know myself but as there was "no physical damage" it was a manufacturing fault... I'm guessing because the phone didn't look like it had been dropped I got another new one on warranty...

Cool huh?
I'm also accepting that I am quite lucky when it comes to iPhones. I also expect that my luck will run out so I've ordered a protective case to try to protect my iPhone #3 (and I did actually consider naming it iPhone #3).

Look wallpaper!

Have a great weekend!