Sunday, April 5, 2009

HDR Photos

Ok I guess this in part comes from a question from a friend what HDR is (has to do with a tweet I made last night about doing some HDR processing of some photos of my car - which mostly sucked btw... maybe I should go for the eye-bleeding tonemapping).

Anyway he asked what HDR was... So I'm being a real geek and sending him an email to explain it ^_^

To further explain HDR we shall consult wikipedia ;)
it explains it better than I could
and a couple of examples from me
non-HDR image

so this is just the "normal" exposure

the HDR version

To my mind HDR doesn't much accept correct some issues with over and under exposure - so it basically provides a more balanced image. This is probably completely & totally inaccurate but I can live with that - its what I think that's important in terms of my own work ;)

So here's the best out of 4 HDR photos I did last night...

I think I'm going to give HDR a rest - I don't see the benefit behind it really... either that or I am completely missing the point.