Thursday, December 24, 2009

12 months in photos

This is shamelessly stolen from a forum I frequent but I thought that this could be an interesting blog - I could be wrong but what they hey! At least here I also get to expand on the photos and the processes behind it...

so let's go...

This photo was part part of the Melbourne Silvermine's Australia Day Challenge (theme being "girt"). I was wandering around the back garden with the disposable camera and some of the daisies were in bloom so I though what if... and here's the result.

This is one of those "fluke" shots. I love this photo. This was our tour guide in Varanassi, he was taking me someplace I can't remember where - he was taking me around Varanassi while Larry was with a Guru. And I grabbed this shot with my iPhone for me it just works and it shows the colour and vibrancy that can be India.

This was an interesting month for me. The 300D I had been using for nearly 3 years died and I bought a replacement (my now very cherished 40D) and I'm a car nerd. So the Melbourne International Motorshow + new camera = perfect opportunity. I was really looking forward to seeing the BMW M1 Homage and I was blown away by it. This is probably one of my favourite shots of it. It's not technically brilliant but I like it.

Huzzah! Holga! A double exposure of the view from the rooftop terrace from our townhouse in Port Melbourne. I love the almost "end of the world" feel to this. Part of what I love about photography is that I can play. Part of what I really love about the holga is that you can play with double exposures (and triple etc...)

I love food & I love cooking. I didn't take many photos in May and this is the best I think out of the photos I did take in May. And also one of the first times I made cupcakes...

A lot of what drives me in life is curiosity and one of the things in photography I have been curious about is HDR. This is one of my better HDR images (again of the view from the townhouse roof), I have a few better, namely from the motorshow but as that was in March - they don't count ;)

I bought a vintage film camera. A 1954 Super Ikonta (it's a folding camera) which is just seriously a thing of beauty! I carried this camera around more than I did the 40D. This photo is on the road between Trentham & Kyneton. I went through a brief spate of standing in the middle of the road to take photos...

This is one of those 'lucky' shots. I saw the tape around the bottom of the parking meter and grabbed the ikonta and went for it... really happy with how this came out :)

I was made redunant, I had time on my hands and I had new lenses. So I did something else I had been curious about for a while. I made my own lightbox. I also like geeky toys so the two seemed to be a perfect fit (this was shot using my 60mm macro lens).

We were in India for the girls and the Ramada Powai had diwali celebrations that we were invited to. This is again just one of those photos. I didn't expect it to turn out as I was shooting in AV in low light and that normally causes issues (as the 17-85 lens isn't that fast). But this to me pretty much sums up Diwali.

More fun with the macro lens. I was feeling rather hideous in terms of photography in both October and November as I only really felt I was taking photos of the girls. So I decided to take my macro lens outside into the garden and see what I could do. I guess also many people do forget there's an underside to flowers. This is one of the numerous daisies we have growing here in the backyard. I love the gardens here :)

It had to be a Christmas shot. We got some goofy santa hats for the girls and I had already done a shot with Cookie Monster in a santa hat and I was baking cookies (originally it was a christmas bbq at the bowls club but the cookies didn't last that long!). So I thought about doing a shot with cookies and milk for Santa... with the tree in the background. I had the brilliant idea of teaming it with Cookie Monster in his santa hat. This is probably one of the images I'm the happiest with.